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e-Brainstorm Technology, Inc. is an industry leader in IT Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Software Integration, Data Migration, Content Management System, eCommerce Solutions, Dynamic Website Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, ERP/CRM consulting services and B2B solutions worldwide based on SDLC - software development full life cycle and hybrid of Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies with SWOT strategic business and digital marketing analysis.

We specialize in Waterfall and SAFe Agile with Scrum/Kanban project management, Lean Business Process, Artificial Intelligence, software development, Content Management System, database management, Business intelligence with OLAP/ETL solutions, e-Commerce Solutions (Shopping Carts and Secure Online Payments integrated with SSL - Secure Socket Layer), Cybersecurity with IAM - Identity Access Management, OAuth Open ID, dynamic website design with digital marketing strategies, SAP/Oracle ERP and Salesforce CRM consulting, Cloud Computing and strategic business analysis with focus on biotech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, manufacturing, supply chain, energy and retail industries.

Our mission is to empower you with our cutting-edge IT and AI technologies, strategic business analysis and digital marketing strategies to make better-informed business decisions, reduce cost, eliminate bottlenecks, break down silos, reduce churn rate, improve business performance and total quality management, increase productivity, maximize profitability, outwin your competitors, and take your business and company to the next level.

Send email to [email protected] for our IT Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Dynamic Website Design, Software Development, Content Management Systems, Business Intelligence, Data Migration, SAP/Oracle ERP Software Integration, Salesforce CRM and AI consulting services.
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