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   Enterprise B2B Solutions

bulletBusiness Analysis, Market Evaluation and Financial Reporting
  1. Centralize accurate financial data for profit and loss, budget and forecast
  2. Perform general ledger analysis on customers, suppliers and vendors
  3. Analyze cash flows, supplier-customer relationship, trends and history
  4. Utilize both traffic analysis and e-Commerce analysis in Clickstream Analysis for market evaluation
bulletOperation and Supply Chain Management
  1. Measure supply chain and value chain performance to enhance just-in-time management and reduce cost
  2. Increase manufacturing efficiency and optimize delivery
bulletBusiness Performance Improvement
  1. Synthesize technologies and business processes, strategies and tactics,  resources and objectives, business unit and corporate goals with metrics
  2. Optimize pricing and promotions based on sales, geographies, competitors and statistical analysis
bulletEnterprise Productivity and Profitability
  1. Analyze the factors that influence enterprise productivity and profitability
  2. Anticipate revenue cycles, supply chain and product performance based on scenario Analysis
  3. Maximize proficiency across sales, marketing, operations, finance, customer relationship, product management and quality assurance.


      Industry B2B Solutions

bulletBiotech and Pharmaceuticals              Case Study
  1. Convert intellectual property from discoveries into effective drug treatments.
  2. Store, analyze and report clinical research data to meet government regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic signatures and electronic record
  1. Access Web-enabled functions for patient management, diagnostics, and therapy
  2. Communicate online with providers, payers, patients, general practitioners, external physicians, hospitals, and suppliers
  3. Assess case loads, develop and implement treatment strategies, and document clinical care


bulletFinancial Services  
  1. Utilize e-Finance to improve business practices, maximize ROI and shareholder value
  2. Streamline financial processes through risk and performance analysis and financial accounting
  3. Optimize capital allocation by managing key tangible and intangible assets


bulletManufacturing and Supply Chain     Case Study
  1. Make fact-based decisions for reducing costs and improving profitability based on the intelligence gathered
  2. Minimize inventory-related costs based on accurate demand forecasts created at any level and by any dimension (SKU, customer, region, etc.)
  3. Consolidate and prioritize suppliers based on quality, performance and on-time delivery


bullet Telecommunications    
  1. Dynamic response handling to automatically update customer contact history, response tracking and analytical processes
  2. Coordination and optimization of outbound and inbound communications over multiple channels for hundreds of thousands of customers


  1. Implement data warehousing technologies to integrate seamlessly with analytics and business intelligence applications to create the intelligence needed for public health, criminal justice and transportation programs
  2. Produce timely and accurate financial statements and reports, maintain data integrity and security through the financial data marts


  1. Improve purchasing, forecasting, and distribution management
  2. Control and reduce operational costs through optimized store performance       
  3. Effectively service customers throughout the multi-channel network


bulletEnergy      Case Study
  1. Strengthen customer relationships and increase value by tracking customer behavior, service issues and targeting promotions
  2. Minimize procurement inefficiencies by analyzing supplier and distributor performance, terminal allocation, material handling and pricing structures


bulletReal Estate  
  1. Develop database driven web application, design advanced flash website and act as a liaison between the brokers, realtors, buyers and sellers, greatly enhance the brand awareness.
  2. Increase its business presence and market share actively in U.S.


   1. Develop dynamic websites with large complex database and e-commerce features

   2. Implement online shopping carts, integrate payment transactions with ssl-secure socket layer for maximum   security


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